Álvaro González Ferrer

Software developer

I'm Álvaro, also known as Krono, Kronopio and many others "noms de guerre".

I have been developing software since I was a kid, starting on an old Commodore 64.

I'm a Computer Science graduate from Argentina, game developer, and hobbyist with many interests.

I have almost two decades of experience as a game developer, building Indie games, as well as large game studios. In addition, I have many years of experience building business software for small enterprises, and even translation engines.

I release source code of my projects when I have the license, but many of my other projects are protected by non-disclosure agreements, therefore I cannot release them.

Thanks for visiting my page!

Below are some of my repositories and since I'm always releasing new code, check it often!





I have an extremely diverse project portfolio, but below are a few. The featured projects below are released freely to the public, as open source software.

Skills include: C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL server / MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, Express, Angular.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Pascal, BASIC, etc.

I'm a Linux expert and contributed to Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and more global repositories.

I can speak and write English and Spanish.

Control your phone from your computer
Scrcpy light launcher

Control your Android phone or device from your desktop PC using screen mirroring.
This is a very light, very fast, very easy and open source alternative.
I don't like bloated apps that depend on a million libraries to do simple things.

Control your phone!
Photo Organizer
Photo Organizer
Photo Organizer

Photo organizer for your local photo backups.
Copy photos to year / month and /day (optional) folders according to their EXIF data.
Automatically finds the original date taken of the photos and videos, and then sorts the photos or videos into folders based on that date.

Organize your photo backups!

Light weight data grip for PHP and MySQL

I needed a lightweight data grid for some commercial projects, and all were very bloated and expensive, so I developed this super light weight data grid.
Useful things in this project:

  • A data grid with editable tools, kronoDataGrid.php
  • RANDOM name and surname generator for your projects, in install/index.php and supporting files.
  • Lightweight MySQL connect wrapper - Check connectMySQL.php

Datagrid for you!
Affordable ERP system for small companies
ERP system
ERP system

In house 100% developed from scratch ERP (enterprise resource planning) for small companies at Buenos Aires.
The system manages all for the company: clients, reports, roadmaps, business resources, orders, receipts, purchase orders, and payroll.
Developed from scratch using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Javascript and CSS, running on a Linux Apache web server,
This system really improved the productivity of the small company, maximizing their profits and reducing costs. The ERP system integrates varied organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production, thereby enhancing the organization's efficiency.
Soon I will be releasing original source code from this project, a total open source ERP solution, 100% developed by me, specially targeted to small companies that can't afford very costly solutions like SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc solutions...

NOTE: all data shown on screenshoot is fictional RANDOM data generated for a test system. No private data was shown.

Coming soon!
Featured C++ game - Award winner
KBall game

A game of skill and reflexes, non violent, suitable for all ages, hours of fun!
Move the ball around the level map, without falling, without running out of time, and getting the prizes, in order to reach the exit. Full map editor included!
Award winner at 2004 UTN (National Technological University) ADVA (Association of video game developers of Argentina) match.
Done in C++, closs platform.
Works in MS DOS, Linux, Windows and more!
Also available from Linux repositories like Ubuntu, Debian, etc

Go to KBall!
Featured C++ game
Kraptor game

Old school space ship shooter, done in C++, closs platform. Kraptor is a classic shoot 'em up scroller game, where you must fight against tons of bad dudes.
This is a full game with massive destruction, powerful weapons, and high speed action in varied levels.
Works in MS DOS, Linux, Windows and more! You can also download it from Linux repositories like Ubuntu, Debian, etc

Get Kraptor!

Gift for a friend.
Nacho game
Nacho Blaster

A gift game for a friend, Nacho. Coded in C++ and Allegro.
All graphics, sound, music, etc done by me.
Features a very interesting particle and explosion engine. Very fast algorithms too.
A work of friendship, was done from scratch in about one week. Includes sound, very cool effects and graphics.

Old school graphic adventure engine
Adventure game
Graphical adventure

This is not only a graphic adventure in the style of old Lucasarts classics, but also a ENGINE and special language developed to make graphics adventures. This was coded when I was 16 years old using a 486 and mostly ASIC and ASSEMBLER. Programmed around 1998-1999, inspired on Full Throttle and many more adventures (Loom, Day of the Tentacle, etc)
The engine has its own scripting language, which allows creating generic graphic adventures.
Very inspired by old text adventures, and LucasArts games
To play it, use MS-DOS, or an emulator like DOSBOX ... there are compiled binaries and two graphic adventures, a short demo, and a complete graphic adventure to play!

Time for adventure!

Arcade classic, re done for fun.
Kronoide game

A Breakout / Arkanoide game. Can be played using DOSBOX.
Breakout is an arcade game developed and published by Atari, Inc., and released on May 13, 1976. It was conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, influenced by the seminal 1972 Atari arcade game Pong, and built by Steve Wozniak, aided by Steve Jobs.
Breakout was the basis and inspiration for certain aspects of the Apple II personal computer. In 1978, the game was ported to the Atari 2600 and a sequel was made, Super Breakout, which four years later became the "pack-in game" for the Atari 5200 console. Breakout spawned an entire genre of Breakout clones, and the concept found new legs with Taito's 1986 Arkanoid, which itself spawned dozens of imitators.

Retro fun awaits!
Artillery game for up to 10 players.
KTank game

Artillery game for up to 10 players. Input angle and power and try to destroy your opponents.
Features randomly generated destroyable terrain, up to 10 players in hot seat setup.
A very fun game to play on a rainy day!
To play it, use MS-DOS, or an emulator like DOSBOX ...
Note, there used to be a version that lets you play against the computer too (and not only humans), sadly was lost in some crashed diskettes. Will be re-done soon.

Play with friends!

Guitar and string instrument scales, afination and chords.

Krono's GNUitarra is a light-fast, all-in-one helper for the guitar and string instrument musical player.
Supports lots of instruments!
Guitarra, bajo, Balalaika, bandola, banjo, Bozouki, Cavaquinho,Charango, cuatro, dulcimer, guitarra portuguesa, guitarron, hawayana, flamenca, jarana, laud, mandola, mandolina, sitar, timple, tres, ukelele, vihuela, etc
Has more than +4000 scale types, +60 chord types, +60 string instruments (i.e bass).
Can automake solos, learning excersises, etc.
Works even in a 386! For MS-DOS, Windows, Linux
Very fast, low memory, low disk footprint, runs on very cheap hardware!
+4000 scales
+60 chord types
+60 instruments: guitarra, bajo, Balalaika, bandola, banjo, Bozouki, Cavaquinho,Charango, cuatro, dulcimer, guitarra portuguesa, guitarron, hawayana, flamenca, jarana, laud, mandola, mandolina, sitar, timple, tres, ukelele, vihuela, etc

Time for a virtuous solo!
Operating system for very old computers.
Kr Jr

Once upon a time, I coded a GUI operating system for old computers.
Never finished this huge project, but it is in a stage where it runs and can be tested on old computers or a virtual machine.
You have a working desktop, a working boot sequence and can run MS DOS software and games.
It is SUPER FAST. Even running on a virtual machine emulator, it will work fast. Mostly C and Assembler code.
It can run even in a 386 with 1mb RAM and no HD It fits on a diskette! Recycle your old PC! Inspired on micro kernels such as QNX, but the code is 100% my production, not based on any other kernels.

Retro fun!

Tank battle for two players.
Krono's Battle Zone
Krono's Battle Zone

Tank battle for 2 players, split-screen, hot-seat, or vs computer.

  • up to 2 players, split-screen or versus computer
  • weather effects: rain, snow, day / night, fog, sand storm, hail storm, etc
  • power ups : shield, weapons, radar, repairs, etc
  • terrain can be destroyed!
  • random terrain : grass, snow, sand, mud, etc
  • huge random battle zone

Get a friend to play!
College notes: Spanish content. CONTENIDO EN ESPAÑOL.
College notes

All my notes during my university career, Bachelor of Computer Science, UADE, Argentina.
Released for the benefit of humanity, and especially future colleagues.
I am always ready to share the information, and help future professionals.

Get your notes!

Bitcoin Swiss Army Knife

Experimental currency converter, by buying cryptocurrencies, using the Bitso exchange.
Serves for Argentine peso ARS, and US dollar USD.
It also allows you to place buy and sell orders, and see the economic indicators.
It is much more efficient and faster than entering the app or the website, since we can do everything from the command console quickly.
This software is my answer to the economic collapse that Argentina is facing, and to try to avoid the hyperinflation.
Spanish content ahead - Python Code.

Spanish MySQL
Spanish characters and MySQL

How to correctly enter the special characters of the Spanish language to MySQL.
Many times we find databases that have entries like "Rubén", "Julián" stored as "Rubén", "Julián", or similar things where the data is apparently corrupt.
In this document we are going to explore the solution to this problem.
Spanish content ahead! - MySQL, PHP

Spanish MySQL

Computer technician guide
Computer technician guide

A computer technician guide to repair your friends and family computer. You are "the" tech guy in the family, don't you?
One of the hallmarks of our age is the decline of the do-it-yourselfer in favor of the hire-an-expert-to-do-it-insteader. Toilet not flushing? Hire a plumber. Porch falling down? Hire a carpenter. Lights on the blink? Hire an electrician.
You could argue, as many people have done, that a return to a DIY ethos would be good for society and good for the soul. I like to DIY. Also, I'm a Computer Science graduate, so I get often called as "the" tech guy in family and circle of friends.

Repair your devices!
Full stack development notes
Full stack development notes

My notes for "full stack developer", and some other things.
Here I am going to put links to things that are useful to me in my professional development.
It is addressed to myself, but if it works for you, if it is useful to you, welcome!

Full stack dev!

Get your motor runnin'...
Harley Davidson Argentina tips & tricks

Alternative parts list for Harley Davidson Sportster available in Argentina.
Given the country's situation, with constant import bans, it becomes difficult to keep an imported motorcycle running.
That's why I compiled, over more than 16 years, a list of alternative parts to keep the Harley Davidson Sportster running in optimal condition.
This project starts in 2004, when I bought my first HD XL883.
Spanish content ahead.

Get your motor runnin'
Premier Warlord SpeedHack
Warlord Game
Premier Warlord

A speedhack game of evil shooting action, winner most evil category 2007.
This game was made in only 24 hs in C++ to fullfil the SpeedHack 2007 rules, and WON most evil game that year.

Game available!

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More projects coming soon!

Thank you for reading my page.
I always have new stuff coming up, so check it often!
Don't hesitate to contact me! On GitHub, LinkedIn, etc!

Coming soon!
Thanks for reading!
More projects coming soon!

Thank you for reading my page.
I always have new stuff coming up, so check it often!
Don't hesitate to contact me! On GitHub, LinkedIn, etc!

Coming soon!


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